THE ANARCHISM AND Punk Book Project, which plans to produce four books of new writing on the connections and conflicts between the phenomena of anarchism and punk rock, has today opened its pitch for crowdfunding.

Across the four titles in the series, more than 90 chapter-length contributions, submitted by a wide international range of authors, will examine how anarchism and punk rock have merged and collided – across the globe, and from the 1970s to the present day.

Setting a target of £3k, the pledge drive on the Crowdfunder platform is aiming to generate funds to support the production of the four volumes in the series.

With the aim is to keep the cover price as low as possible, the costs of things like translation services need to be met as far as is practicable from additional funding sources. The project organisers explain how the monies raised will be spent:

Translation costs: The international scope of this project is crucial. Writing about punk is still overwhelmingly focused on Anglo-American contexts, despite the wide proliferation of punk across the world. In the spirt of internationalism and inclusivity, several of our chapter contributors are writing in their own languages (including French, Portuguese, Spanish, Indonesian). We need money to pay for these chapters to be translated into English ahead of publication.

Books for our contributors: Neither the editors nor the contributing writers are getting paid for this project – it’s a labour of love (and rage). We want to send each author a hard copy of the book that they have contributed to creating – these days, not many publishing projects even bother to do that. We have 96 contributors spread across 5 continents – we need money to get these books into the hands of the authors.

Subvention of publication costs: If it ain’t cheap, it ain’t punk! Punk culture recognises the importance of keeping things affordable. Active Distribution, as a punk-rooted anarchist publisher, follows this logic in its publishing practices. But, the more money we raise, the cheaper we can distribute these books. We need money to make these books cheap as punk.


The Crowdfunder campaign invites contributions from a few quid to more than a hundred pounds, with various ‘reward’ packages (including copies of the books and acknowledgement in print) available at all levels.

The campaign will run under the start of May 2021, and the first book in the series is scheduled to be released late in 2021. All four books will be published by Active Distribution.

The Anarchism and Punk Book Project now has its own blog.


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