Artist: Ângela Berlinde
Price: free.


Description: Ângela Berlinde dives into her archive to extract poetic and political forms and functions from the cartographic conjuncture which led her to inhabit, in the last decade, two lands intrinsically connected by the expansionism of modern history: her homeland, Portugal, and her mestizo son, Brazil. TRANSA gives its name to the exhibition and to the photo-book and emerges as a motto for a reflection on contemporary existence, threatened by the limbo and brutality of the colonising processes that are now reversed.
The Earth, in this suspended time, seems to echo a deaf cry that aggregates all the forces of civilization together – the repressive and the subaltern, those of the majority history and the minorities, the woman, the black, the indigenous, the colonizer. In the vastness of the Amazon forest, TRANSA invites us to an aesthetic and existential dance through the hybridism of photography and surprises us with indigenous myths and tales, in an embodiment of the creative and fruitful grace of nature. In this crossing, in the encounter with the original communities thrown to the edges of the world, vibrate reflections on the concept of Man who lives detached from the Earth, who suppresses diversity, who denies the plurality of life forms. Artist and researcher in the field of hybrid photography, Ângela Berlinde is interested in the place of the artist in these dark times and calls for a re-signification of the present time, in a poetic attempt to capture the irreversible course of time and of all the brutal events that continue to mark the course of history. She says she seeks to ‹stir the waters of a Land in Transe and dare a transgressive imaginary about the place of the artist, who permanently lives on the edge of the abyss›.