This article exposes the trajectory of a Portuguese musician -Tó Trips- and his last band -Dead Combo- in order to merge a musical path with a soundscape in line with Schafer’s (2012) conceptualization.  Using, in methodological terms, a life story and documentary materials, we will establish a synchrony between city, sounds, musical creation and artistic intervention. Dead Combo and Tó Trips are, in the framework of this article, the active (re)creators of Lisbon, allowing, simultaneously, to establish some assertions about the value of sound and music as fuel of collective and individual identities; and the potentiation of the construction of symbolic and affective imaginaries towards an urban space in the path of Frith (1996).
This article is dedicated to Tó Trips and Pedro Gonçalves, who unfortunately left us on the 4th December 2021.