Círculo Universitário do Porto

The building, dating from the late nineteenth century, owned by the University of Porto, was recovered by the architect Fernando Távora. A recovery that, for the “quality and refinement”, deserved the João de Almada award. It was acquired by the textile dealer Primo Madeira, after an intervention led by the architect Marques da Silva. It was then in the 80s that, after a rehabilitation of Fernando Távora, he moved to the University of Porto. The interior of the house maintains details that respect and highlight the already long history of that building, with special emphasis on the fabulous halls decorated with elegance, refinement and comfort. Outside the scenery is idyllic. Surrounded by abundant vegetation, well to the romantic taste, the building invites to long walks through the magnificent gardens.

The space hosts different types of events, from weddings to corporate meetings.

With a garden that goes unnoticed by the most “distracted” – or was not a neighbor of the Botanical Garden of Porto -, composed of camellias and centenary trees, the University Circle of Porto is installed in the “Casa Primo Madeira”, one of the nineteenth-century palaces located in this area of Campo Alegre.

Nowadays, Casa Primo Madeira is a space open to the general public – especially former U.Porto students – with indoor and outdoor spaces for all kinds of family, corporate or institutional events.


Address: Rua do Campo Alegre, 877, Porto, PORTUGAL

Website: https://www.facebook.com/circulouniversitariodoporto/

How to get to Círculo Universitário?

By Metro: The nearest metro station is Casa da Música and is about a 30-minute walk away. Once on the surface, you can take bus 204 towards Foz and get off at “Gogota” or “Planetarium” in Campo Alegre. The University Circle is located on Rua do Campo Alegre, a little ahead of the Faculty of Sciences. For more information: http://www.metrodoporto.pt

By Bus:  The University Circle is served by the following bus lines: 200, 204, 207, 902, 903. Regardless of the starting point, the nearest bus stop is Golgotha or Planetarium. If you do not have a metro or bus ticket (‘Andante’ or ‘Pass’), you can buy one on board. For more information: http://www.stcp.pt | http://www.itinerarium.net

By Train: If you want to go to Porto by train, you must get off at one of the two main stations: Campanhã or S. Bento. If you leave in Campanhã, there are 2 means of public transport available: (a) by metro: any one of the lines that pass through Campanhã because any of them will take you to Casa da Música without having to transfer (To know how to get from Casa da Música to Círculo, please see “De Metro” above); (b) By bus: bus 207 passes through Campanhã and heads to Foz. This bus will take you to Rua do Campo Alegre, where you will have to get off at Golgota or Planetarium. If you get off at S. Bento, there are also 2 means of public transport available: (a) the metro: the São Bento metro station is outside the train station on the left. You should take the metro towards St. John’s Hospital. You will have to make the transfer at Trindade Station, get on another metro and then get off at Casa da Música. To learn how to go to the Circle, see “By Metro” above; (b) By bus: when you leave at the train station, go to: (1) Praça da Cordoaria (at the upper end of Rua dos Clérigos) and get on bus 902 or 903; (2) Praça D. João I and get on bus 200 or 207. You will have to get off at Golgotha or Planetarium. For more information about the trains: https://www.cp.pt/passageiros/en/

By Car: The Círculo is located at Polo 3 of the University of Porto, at the Campo Alegre road intersection. If you come from the North or East, you should follow the main road of VCI, towards Lisbon (Ponte da Arrábida) and exit at Campo Alegre. If coming from the South, follow the direction towards the Arrábida Bridge and exit at Campo Alegre (1st exit immediately after the bridge).