“This is one of the first books published in Portuguese about hip hop culture, and in particular rap, in the Portuguese language space, more specifically in Brazil, Mozambique and Portugal. Rap and hip-hop in general are the most eloquent demonstration today that such supposed absences are the most fertile fields of creativity that society as a whole would benefit greatly from its prejudices. obstinate. Hip-hop artists are today at the forefront of denouncing this sociology of absences and, in so doing, bear witness to the creativity, resilience and innovation of practices led by the excluded, marginalized and discriminated. Their weapon is art, an elitist concept that they seek to challenge the canon and show its extreme selectivity and the racial, sexual and religious prejudices on which it is based. This abruption has enormous potential to denounce the existence of the abyssal line that divides and separates colonial sociability from metropolitan sociability (where the supposedly universal values ​​of art are built). This denunciation becomes a powerful instrument of resistance when inhabited by an aspiration for truth, freedom and happiness. An aspiration that pedagogically and politically seeks allies on the other side of the line to foster the struggle for a fairer society. ”(Boaventura de Sousa Santos in SITOE & GUERRA (2019). Reinvent the speech and the stage. Rap, between local knowledge and global knowledge


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Title: REINVENTAR O DISCURSO E O PALCO. O RAP, ENTRE SABERES LOCAIS E SABERES GLOBAIS [Reinvent the speech and the stage. Rap, between local knowledge and global knowledge]

Editors: Paula Guerra e Tirso Sitoe

Year: October 2019

Publisher: Universidade do Porto. Faculdade de Letras [University of Porto. Faculty of Arts and Humanities], Porto, Portugal.

Design: Juliana Guiomar e Sofia Sousa

Cover Illustration: Bruno Mateus/ SHOT B

ISBN: 978-989-8969-17-0

Support: Electronic – Format: PDF / PDF/A